Law of Contagion was born in 2019 as a solo project by Alexandre Clément (a.k.a. Ishkur), with the intent of exploring something different from his previous bands, focusing on a black/death metal sound.

Signing a two-album deal with Moribund Records some months after conception, the project released two albums: “Woeful Litanies from the Nether Realms” in 2020 (cassette tape version via Gruesome Records) and “Oecumenical Rites for the Antichrist” in 2022 (cassette tape version via Larvae Records), well received both by public and media.

In late 2022 the project recruited a line-up of session musicians, very experienced in the Portuguese and international scenes, playing their first show in September that year at one of the best venues in the country (Hard Club in Porto), and having since then been booked alongside the likes of Dead Congregation, Corpus Christii, Irae, The Ominous Circle and more.

As of 2023 the project has become a full band, with all session members as contributing members and the band gearing towards a new aesthetic approach to their craft.

Law of Contagion is now focused on playing live on worthy occasions and writing new music.


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